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HiAll, I just wanted to let everyone know that participated in the installation that the installed unit looks great! Everything from the outside unit to the inside unit looks very professional and well done. Everybody that I met with was very professional, polite and knowledgeable. I just wanted to thank everybody for their part in the installation and how well the unit looks and works. I will not hesitate to recommend Modern Mechanical to anyone! Thanks for the great job from sales, logistics and and most noticeably installation. Another satisfied customer! Awesome!

John H.

I wanted to let you all know that I am so impressed. Jason Lawhorn came with the guy from Lowes on Saturday (4/7). Our unit needed to be replaced along with new duct work and a new return cut in our floor. Jason talked us through everything... it was so great to hear several different options. The team came this morning (4/12) at 8:10am. Prompt and ready to work! Jason let us know how things were going to go and the guys got started. We left and were planning to return around 3:00pm but were delayed and returned around 6:00pm. When my husband, our son and I arrived we talked with one of the guys (I think his name was Scott.). Jamarkus also talked with us. Jamarkus came in (boot covers and all), he walked us through every button on the new thermostat, showed us under the house and showed us the unit and all the parts and pieces. Jamarkus went over the 27 point inspection and even had the time to talk with our son (2 year old). It was so wonderful to hear about everything that was done and how we need to maintain things. He talked with us like we were family. Shortly after he left Jason came to get us to sign the final paperwork and to go over any questions etc. Jason also treated us like family. We all talked about all aspects of the install and even with our son throwing things and crying Jason was so professional and made us feel like we were family. Our house is CLEAN and everything is AMAZING! We have had numerous experiences with other businesses. As a military family we have moved a lot and had to deal with repairs and maintenance people various times per year. The problem always came when people came into our home. We have had some interesting experiences from rude, dirty and just plan mean people who do repairs and installs. Of course we had some apprehension when Modern Mechanical arrived but not anymore! I even asked if the sign was gone from our yard... it was but I would have left it up for a while just to get the word out!!! You guys are amazing... I will refer everyone I know to you guys! We are soooo appreciative of your guidance, information, professionalism and respect! Thank you so much! If we can help with referrals or anything please let us know! We hope to call soon to get Todd to come out and look at some electrical problems that we have!!! Thanks so much again!

Erin H.

Earlier this year I heard the words most homeowners dread hearing “your heating/AC system needs to be replaced”. I asked for a proposal from the company I had been using for the past 10 years and started asking co-workers who had to replace their home systems recently for recommendations of another company. An engineer that works in our office suggested Modern Mechanical. Both companies sent reps to evaluate my home (square footage and size system needed). After looking at both proposals and listening to their presentations, it was not difficult for me to choose Modern Mechanical. They were more professional, knowledgeable and presented a better product at a substantially better cost. The included service and maintenance agreement at no extra charge couldn’t be matched by the other company. Installation was scheduled within a few days and completed with minimum inconvenience to my schedule. All contact with Modern Mechanical from installers to engineers to people answering the phone at the office was professional and courteous. All calls were answered promptly. I would highly recommend Modern Mechanical without reservation to anyone and have done so for any and all heating/AC work.

Frances C.

I just wanted to write a quick note thanking the whole crew at Modern Mechanical for the great job of replacing our HVAC system. Everyone through the whole process was very nice and professional, from scheduling with Liz to working with Jason to decide the right system for us. Once we choose the replacement system, we were scheduled in short order. All of your install crew (Scott, Jason, Jamarkus, Juan and Charles) were prompt, polite and very organized. The install was completely in a very timely manner and was very tidy. Having worked in service work myself for over 30 years, I recognize the difference between service and great service! You should be proud of your group. Thank you again for a great job.

Dan R.

I just wanted to send this note as a way of saying THANK YOU in assisting us in lowering our electric bill! Of course, we had no idea why our bills had been dramatically increasing over the last 4 months, but when your service guy found the problem, it was repaired in no time and now our bills are back to normal. Thanks again!

Linda V.

My husband and I decided to go with Modern Mechanicals for a new downstairs AC unit and furnace. It was installed yesterday and I was extremely impressed with the service I received during the quote and upon installation. I especially want to recognize Jason Lawhorn who went above and beyond his job to to makes us feel great about our decision. Jason gave us our original quote on 12/5/11. Unfortunately I lost my job two days later, on 12/7/11, so my husband and I decided to hold off on any big purchases until we figured out our budget. We tried to go as long as we could without replacing the units. We finally decided to replace the unit after recharging our old unit which only lasted about a month. We were without AC downstairs for the last three weeks of August. I called Jason for a new quote and he told us about the new Trane financing option. This really help us out with our tight budget. Jason promply came over on Friday before Labor Day weekend and our new unit was scheduled to be installed in 3 weeks. On his way out I mentioned that our AC was out and Jason immediately made a call to the office to schedule a recharge while we waited for the installation. He even offered to let us use a window unit which he had in his truck. Our old unit was recharged later that day at no cost and the charge lasted until our installation yesterday. I was so glad that Jason helped us. I joked with my husband (who broke his foot on Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend by falling off a ladder in the garage while trying to fix the garage door) that he should personally call Jason and thank him because we had air-conditioning on an extremely hot weekend because he would be miserable stuck in the house with a broken foot with no air-conditioning! Thanks for all your help and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends. It is very seldom the you get the type of personal service that Modern Mechanicals provided us. Thanks again!

Sue S.

Our introduction to Modern Mechanical began when we put an inquiry on our subdivision forum asking for recommendations for companies that do HVAC work repairs. One of our neighbors, called us and enthusiastically suggested we call Steve of Modern Mechanical. She praised his honesty and the craftsmanship of his company. As soon as we hung up with her we called and asked to speak to Steve as she had suggested. This was about 2:00 pm on a Friday. He came out to our house 45 minutes later and had one of his tech’s meet him here. We were very impressed. Unfortunately the whole HVAC system was toast and there was little they could do to help us at that time other than to arrange a visit from Jason the following Wednesday. Jason arrived promptly at the scheduled time and diagnosed our problems asking pertinent questions and calculated our HVAC needs. He was very personable, and knowledgeable. He patiently and thoroughly answered our questions as well. We liked that he presented us with three different options depending on our financial concerns and long term plans. We scheduled the work to start the following week. The crew that came out arrived on time and politely introduced themselves. Jamarkus was the lead and the other two were Scott and Derek. Each time they came in the house they covered their shoes. They were all minimally interruptive which was appreciated since we work out of our house. They were all very courteous, neat, and left no mess behind. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to any who need your services.

Greg & Meg M.

Owners, I just wanted to take time out of my busy day to send you a email and thanks. I've worked in customer service organization where we won JDPower award for several years, so I know and appreciate high quality and service. So many times these days, I'm disappointed by the service and attention to detail by many. Maybe because my expectations are very high! I received three bids to replace both my units. I was first extremely impressed with Jason Lawhorn's attention to detail and professional approach to evaluating and providing the quote. All the bids were close, but in the end Jason's professionalism is what made my decision very easy!! I felt he would ensure the same professional and thorough approach with the install. In fact I thought he was the owner and was shocked when he said he was not! I was then as impressed by Jamarcus and Scott. They were as professional and detailed in the quality of the installation. All three have far exceeded my expectations and I will recommend your company to everyone I know. I wish more companies would be as customer and quality focused! Feel free to have your prospective customers contact me as a reference. By the way I've never taken the time to write a letter like this.

Fred P

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